The Wishful Star Jirachi
The Wishful Star Jirachi

The Wishful Star Jirachi

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Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered why they are drawn with 5 points? I have no idea why. To create more confusion, I am bringing you the 3 pointed star fella we know as Jirachi! Be mesmerized by his slightly soulless eyes and become charmed by the itty bitty pin he'll become.

♡ 1.4 inches width
♡ 1.3 inches height
♡ hard enamel
♡ gold plated
♡ 2 rubber clutches
♡ designed by Kkotgaru

Glitter Variant:
♡ glitter on tassels
♡ glitter on flowing yellow robe

- - - GRADING SCALE - - - 

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