Pin Grading

What is "pin grading"?

Enamel pins are handmade and may have small imperfections. The definition of an "imperfection" varies - and how it is interpreted also varies among pin makers. In general, Standards are the closest to flawless pins while Seconds may have more visible imperfections. Please keep this in mind as you make your purchase. By purchasing from my store, you are accepting these terms. Thank you!

Standards (A - Grade) - the best quality pins from the batch! May or may not have minor flaws such as...
♡ small scuffs
♡ small smudges
♡ little bubbles
♡ tiny specks
♡ slight oxidation
♡ uneven enamel fill
♡ thick/thin lines
♡ slightly wriggly posts
♡ unevenly distributed glitter
♡ misaligned screen print

Seconds (B - and C - Grades) - May have more visible flaws such as...
♡ major scuffs
♡ uneven enamel fill
♡ smudges
♡ bubbles
♡ missing enamel
♡ specks
♡ heavy oxidation
♡ thick/thin lines
♡ very wriggly posts
♡ incorrectly colored or missing enamel
♡ sparsely distributed glitter
♡ misaligned/missing screen print