Mystery Seconds Grab Packs

Mystery Seconds Grab Packs

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Are you feeling lucky?
  • 3 or 4 random Seconds pins
  • newly released pin designs may be found in various packs

These pins will have minor to major flaws, hence their discounted price tag! Each pack will not contain duplicates. However, please keep in mind that if you order multiple packs, there is a chance that there will be repeats! 

These pins will exhibit visible flaws such as...
♡ major scuffs
♡ uneven enamel fill
♡ smudges
♡ bubbles
♡ missing enamel/screen print
♡ specks
♡ heavy oxidation
♡ thick/thin lines
♡ wriggly posts
♡ incorrectly colored or missing enamel
♡ sparsely distributed glitter
♡ misaligned screen print

By purchasing from this listing, you understand that these pins will come in these conditions, you will not be able to choose the type(s) of flaw(s) you'd like, that specific pin designs cannot be chosen, and that all sales are final.